The regional authority of Primorje-Gorski kotar County in Croatia has recently created a new tourist product — a cultural route called The Routes of the Frankopans that comprises of 20 beautiful old castles and churches that used to belong to the Frankopan family.

The main values that we want to establish and emphasize in the customer journey and the visual communications for this project are the richness and mystery of this vast cultural heritage and exploration as a way to cherish it today.

The project’s primary customer segment is the cultural tourist who is very well educated, interested in the local knowledge and in search of new discoveries in his or her travel endeavours.

We’ve built a flexible visual identity system with pictograms derived from key facts from the family’s legacy and used it to tell this fascinating story in a whole spectrum of media. With a specific yet modern feel, this visual identity can support the development of the project in various directions and serve as the focal point of the destination’s branding strategy.

ClientPrimorje-Gorski kotar County and Muses Ltd.Servicesvisual identity design, exhibition design, UX/UI design, interactive media design and development, signage, merchandiseAssociatesMuses Ltd. (interpretive plan and content development), Penezić & Rogina architects (architecture), Domagoj Blažević (photography), Ana Hušman and Ivan Marušić Klif (animated videos and soundscape)

Visual identity

The visual identity reflects the central idea of the route — the idea of a rich cultural heritage and exploration. It contains different pictograms that symbolize the Frankopan family identity — lion from the family’s second coat of arms, glagolitic alphabet letter typical for the Frankopan era, the crown as the symbol of reign and so on. The system is flexible and responsive which makes it work well in a range of media, including interactive.


Around 30 illustrations were made specifically for this project in order to create a visual for a number of historical characters whose images have been lost in the course of centuries. Apart from illustrations of people, we’ve designed 20 illustrations of the ancient castles and sacral objects together with maps of the relevant geographical areas.

Graphic design for the visitor centre

Filburg worked on the exhibition design together with a multidisciplinary team of interpreters, museologists, architects and video artists by interpreting large amounts of historical content and archival records gathered particularly for this project.


The Kraljevica Visitor Centre exhibition contains several multimedia applications showcasing an overview of the route’s locations and key characters. The challenge here was to create a user experience that will work with a wide array of content designed for different age groups with various levels of computer literacy.

Mobile app

Designed as an add-on to the experience of visiting the route, the iPhone and Android mobile applications contain a gamification feature that enables people to collect Frankopan stars with every new location visit. The more stars collected, the higher status is acquired with the highest status of the Frankopan duke.

Everything else

A whole spectrum of different applications were necessary for the project ranging from basic signage of the route to promotional material and branded merchandise.

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