Loccie is a navigator of a new generation that assists human orientation in outdoor spaces. Different from any other navigational product on the market, it uses a patented interface of a digital compass and personalized content to immerse you into the real world of experiences.

This innovative platform received funding from the Development agency Zagreb, Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Croatia, angel investors and SOS Ventures venture fund and Filburg completed the product design, visual communications and branding, website and a set of mobile applications.

Loccie received The Best Digital Wayfinding award in 2013 by the United Kingdom Sign Design Society.

ClientLoccie Ltd.Servicesbranding, naming, visual identity design, product design and development, website and mobile apps designYear2010–2013Linkloccie.com

Interface design

How do you use traditional maps in China? Do you understand the names of streets in Beirut? Based on the hot-cold game principle, this unique interface was designed with foreign alphabets and culturally diverse geomapping in mind.

Industrial design and prototype development

On top of designing the product and housing, Filburg led and managed the process of prototype development working with a team of software and hardware engineers to adjust the design to production processes.

Web and mobile applications

Initially made as a proof of concept, mobile applications later on became a channel for providing customized content to Loccie’s users. Using natural language processing, the next level of content development was a web application customized for individual user’s preferences.

Visual identity

Branded as a tool for adventurers and people with active lifestyles, Loccie has a fresh corporate identity with an immediate link to the idea of navigation.

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