In 2009, when Metroteka first approached us to help them launch a different kind of calibration laboratory service, the goals were clear: to stand out with a fresh look and attitude, to convey smart and relevant messages, and ultimately to simplify business and life for their customers. The visual identity we designed revolved around a measuring dial icon. In order to give precise and standardised reports, a measuring instrument has to be calibrated, which means the deviation has to be kept as close to zero as possible to set the baseline for measurements. A subtle hint towards 0 and 1 as main values in the dial communicated the orientation towards modern digital solutions.

In a few short years since launching, Metroteka has risen to top three calibration laboratories in the region with probably the strongest brand in the market. The key to their success was engaging the customers through intelligent and relevant communication that was always backed by top service.

ClientMetroteka Ltd.Servicesbrand platform, brand book, visual identity design, copywriting, visual communications, stationery design, car branding, promotional

Samples of a previous look:

Brand positioning

Eight years later, it was time to align the brand positioning with everything the company has achieved and learned along the way — most importantly, making it even more relevant to their target audience. Through a series of discussions and workshops we articulated the new brand platform with all its key elements. This, together with the detailed analysis of customers’ profiles, brought a lot of valuable insights and formed a foundation for all further communication and design work. It was clear that Metroteka has grown up and needs to address its customers and communicate in a slightly different way than before.

Visual identity redesign

The first task in the redesign was to technically improve the logo while retaining all the good stuff and brand equity built over time. The new logo features a single, bolder typeface, uppercase letters and a single (darker) colour, resulting in a cleaner, more compact and much more robust solution. It hugely improves legibility in small sizes and on different backgrounds, and practically becomes a stamp of excellence.

The colour set now includes a revised brand colour making it more prominent, and also a set of dynamic accent colours. The typography programme is also simplified to feature only one typeface that hints more towards the technical orientation of Metroteka’s services while boosting legibility in tables and graphs. Having a single typeface means we can now also create highly recognisable headlines visually linked to the logo treatment.

Apart from the basic elements, the visual identity system is built and extended by using patterns, icons, illustrations, images, and gradients on an underlying grid in a layered way that is dynamic, flexible, and unique.

Illustrations are now reserved for top level concepts, such as main fields of service. They are designed in a unified, minimalist, symbolic way. The icons are used for identifying individual calibration parameters.

The entire new branding is presented in an extensive online brand book, easily accessible and extendible.

Visual communications

The new visual identity, aligned with new brand setup, is implemented on a range of materials, from stationery and internal documents, to social media visuals, website, cars, and a new company brochure.

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