After the great success with The Garden Brewery which brought Zagreb’s industrial suburbs to life with vibrant musical events and quickly became one of the most interesting craft breweries on the scene, The Garden team wanted to extend the concept by pairing food with craft beer and music. The Garden Bar & Kitchen was first opened in the centre of downtown Zagreb with another one following in Čakovec in the Zrinski castle. We worked with The Garden team for more than a decade on their various exciting ventures and after redesigning their extensive visual identity system we were tasked with designing the visual communications for the new bar & kitchen.

ClientThe Bird LtdServicescreative direction, branding, visual identity design, graphic design and visual communications, environmental graphics, signageAssociatesstudio Zetho – Željka Pavlinović (architecture, Zagreb), Katušić Kocbek arhitekti – Hana Golubovac Ehrenfreund (architecture, Čakovec), Domagoj Kunić (photography)Year2017–2018

Visual identity

As an extension of The Garden Brewery, the Bar & Kitchen visual identity uses some common elements (basic logo, colour set, typography) but augments it with specific details. The extended logo unites symbols of beer brewing, food and music, the ornamentality of craft, and the form of a vinyl record. In spatial applications, the extended logo becomes a light installation, its ornamental construction basis for the signage and furniture design, while the system is augmented with surprising photos treated in a way that evokes record sleeves design. In digital media the logo is animated with music, becoming a plate for “serving” different communication elements.


The first Garden Bar & Kitchen, opened in the centre of Zagreb, features a unique facade created by transforming the extended logo into a stencil cut light installation that covers it entirely. Together with the architects, we set up a graphic construction system which they then used to design furniture and fences, while our interior signage and details follow the same direction as well, creating a unified design.


The second venue opened in a very special location, in the vaulted cellars of the medieval Zrinski castle in Čakovec. Because of the location specifics, we inverted the signage system, designing a big logo light installation on the walls of the kitchen, creating a strong entrance statement. The architects’ concept was to emphasise as much as possible the form of the space itself and decided to light the entire venue with ornamental metal plates skirting stencil cut to our design. Befitting the castle theme, we also created large wall tapestries, each one with its own theme, custom produced for this occasion.


Each table setup was treated as a whole design set, including ornaments foil pressed into the menu covers and silkscreened on linen napkins, a set of different photo crops for placemats and menu inserts, custom made plates in colour of the visual identity, and simple coasters as graphical accents. The same theme extends to business cards and flyers promoting the venues.

Visual communications

For the openings we created a set of visuals based on the system, each one specific to the occasion. The main communication was going on in the social media for which we made animated posts featuring the “scratching“ logo, underlining Garden’s specialty in bringing the finest music, people, beer and food together.

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