For 5 years, the first Croatian school of recreational running worked with adidas as the name sponsor. With over 4000 participants and a number of organised races under the belt, the school established itself as the largest recreational running association in the region, turning couch potatoes into marathon runners. Recreational running clubs from neighbouring countries were founded based on its know-how and program concept.


DŠR Aktivan život

Once the name sponsor decided to exit the project formerly known as adidas school of running, a big space emerged for the association to brand itself independently. And that’s where Filburg was invited to step in.

The client’s main concern was to be able to substitute the credibility of the corporate name and visual identity with an equally strong and persuasive communication that will reflect a well thought out approach to running education, team spirit of each group and good, enthousiastic trainers.

The essence of the school’s effort is running in relaxation without a big focus on quantifiable results. After a careful analysis of the market situation this came out as the main differentiator from other schools and so the newly chosen, invented name became the playful combination of the word running (trčati) and classroom (učiona) hence Trčaona. The new name was accompanied with a fresh logo that evokes running in a group and works particularly well in digital media.

  • Naming
  • Creative direction
  • Media strategy
  • Visual identity
  • Visual communications
  • Campaign
Animated logo

The main purpose of this campaign was to introduce the new name and visual identity as well as to communicate the start of a new season and invite people to enrol.


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