ZIC Split

Science and innovation center of the University of Split is an infrastructural project envisaged to empower research and supportive capacities as well as the global competitiveness of the University.


University of Split has initiated the founding of a Science and innovation center to become an incubator of excellency in scientific research. Its research activities will be directed towards solving various social challenges in the fields of energy, environment, food and nutrition, health, safety and connectability with the aim of achieving a sustainable, circular and blue economy. Filburg designed its visual identity and a promotional brochure that presents the project in its early stage.

A dynamic and suggestive symbol with multiple meanings forms the basis of this identity. With its circular form it communicates striving towards perfect harmony while the elements that it consists of evoke constant movement, meetings within the communal space and waves of innovation impulses. The relation with the logotype is harmonic while the symbol itself offers many possibilities, flexibility and different types of behaviour – from individual graphical compositions deduced from symbol's elements to its functionality in spatial signage and potential for animation in digital media.

  • Art direction
  • Visual identity
  • Graphic design
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