Cultural Center Čakovec

Cultural Center Čakovec is a unique polyvalent venue with a clear program direction that aims to energize, engage and inspire the audience to participate in its cultural happenings.


Filburg’s visual identity solution, selected among a dozen others in the competition, is a vibrant visualization of that – it is based on evoking each of the program directions with one initial letter of its abbreviated name. Except for presenting the directions, the solution communicates the individuality of artistic practices but also the individuality of each of us in the audience. As a whole, it’s a good metaphor for the Cultural Center’s space which brings together such various contents.

A rich typographic solution opens many possibilities for application while setting a solid framework for further visual communications. The proposed system is flexible yet dynamic therefore enabling the nuancing of the communication from a traditional to a contemporary one while protecting the recognizable identity of the whole as well as specific events within the system.

Creative Quarterly 100 Best

  • Art direction
  • Visual identity
  • Graphic design
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