A newly established company for education in mindfulness development and nurturing following the certified methodology of Deepak Chopra approached us with a clear goal in mind – to be positioned as the premier address of this kind for corporate and end clients.


Although a visual identity is not a legal prerequisite for starting a company, it’s necessary for building its reputation, especially today when images and visuals are a dominant way of communicating. For a brand of Astronaut’s profile, its character and communication are key for connecting with the target audience.

In combination with an evocative name, the visual identity we designed intentionally does not introduce an additional layer of abstraction to communication, rather, in an atmospheric way it illustrates the name itself as well as the journey on which Astronaut’s client can find themselves. Monochrome palette, humane textures, and spaceless backgrounds set the scene – an allusion to an inner space – on which the main character appears. With his advice but also visual proportions this inspires thinking and making the first step in a spiritual journey.

The set of elements we designed, from backgrounds and frames, through illustration to typographic treatments and the logo, are custom made for communication in digital channels thus enabling a wide range of expressive applications, appropriate for respective messages.

  • Creative direction
  • Visual identity
  • Graphic design
  • Illustration
Secondary elements
Business cards
Instagram posts
Message card

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