Let's talk about lung cancer

Lung cancer is one of leading public health problems in Croatia, while also counting for around 12% of total diagnosed malignant conditions in the EU last year. So it’s important to talk about prevention, importance of early diagnosing, but also about psychological help to people suffering from it and their families.


Udruga Jedra

A new web platform Let’s talk about lung cancer, for which we’ve designed a visual identity, will inform about all that. Our concept is based on connecting the idea of a dialogue with the stylised visual form of lungs. The sign, shaped as two mirrored wings, also communicates the relationship between a doctor and a patient, ill ones and their close ones, better and worse days, questions and answers, hopes and worries, sickness and health.

As a central place for talking about this illness and supporting all involved, such visual identity sets a wide foundation for further communication of the Let’s talk about lung cancer platform, not just online but also through campaigns, actions, and merchandise.

  • Logo design
  • Visual identity
  • Graphic design
Sign and logo

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