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With an already designed and developed platform Spare Workspace approached us wanting to take its design to the next level, making it cleaner, faster and more characterful. We’ve build a style guide that ensures any future developments of the platform to be visually and brand consistent.


Spare Workspace Pty. Ltd.


Borealis (UX design and development)


Spare Workspace is an Australia-based online marketplace that makes it easy for people looking for short-term workspace to connect with others that have a workspace to share. This B2B product targets co-working spaces, serviced offices and private businesses with extra space as hosts and digital nomads, remote corporate employees and business travellers as guests.

The site receives 50–70% mobile traffic so it is crucial for the user interface to be easily applicable to the responsive version. Design and technology can work great together if they are aligned towards the goals set and for this project it was of utmost importance to cooperate closely and effectively with the project’s development partners.

In order to ensure that all future development of the website is visually consistent and reflects the brand in a recognisable yet unique way, we designed the detailed UI style guidelines that will help developers implement the new situations much faster and easier. It covers everything from colours and typography to form styles, buttons, hover states and additional elements.

  • UI design
  • Illustration
  • Brand consulting
  • Marketing consulting
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“We’ve had our best quarter yet since the redesign, all thanks to to the team at Filburg!” — Jake Dimarco, Spare Workspace CEO

Interface elements
Interface elements
Interface elements

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